Our mission is to provide the Chiropractic Biophysics community, devices that are cost-effective, space-saving and easy to learn. Initially developed and tested over 6 years, with practicing CBP Physicians Dr. Jason Jaeger, Dr. Albert Simoncelli, and Dr. Kenneth Bahoora. The result is a set of devices that help spine healthcare businesses be most efficient. Trusted by 1000’s of CBP practitioners in offices around the world.

"As leaders in the CBP industry we are always inventing and exploring so that we can provide the very best tools to the industry ensuring success for our clients." - Dr. Jason Jaeger

Dr. Jaeger grew up in Las Vegas in a Neon Sign manufacturing family. He graduated from graduate school from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, a chiropractic school developed in connection with Harvard Medical School. Dr Jaeger was trained to integrate with medical and physical therapy providers. After his first year of practice, Dr. Jaeger brought his experience in manufacturing and spinal doctorate schooling to the design arena to conceptualize and develop an early prototype of the UTS System. Drs. Jaeger, Simoncelli and Bahoora worked together on the early stages of the device. After 9 years of testing and revisions the UTS System was perfected in partnership with Jaeger’s late father, and sign engineer Dennis F. Jaeger.

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